Friday, November 28, 2008

Time flies when u have kids.....

Alot has been going on in our household since I my last post. Mrs. Raylene has been asking if I've given up on blogging!!! It probably looks like it, but I haven't!:) Faith is growing up so quickly and learning something new everytime I turn around. Her vocabulary is expanding everyday. She knows "dog", "ball", "light", "what's that?", "mine" (I don't really like that one), and it just seems like she picks up on things so quickly now! She SWIMS in the bath tub!! I mean, come on, where is my little baby that I held and carried everywhere just a few short months ago? Sigh.... Anyway, there are various pics from various events and places on this post, so I'll comment here and there. Gone are the days of taking my time and enjoying thinking of funny comments for every single picture!!!! Faith likes to be entertained!! This is an adorable outfit that Faith wore to Taylor's bday party. She's not too hip on hats.

Can u tell?
Here are some of Taylor's party. The theme was ladybugs and Georjeana did a great job!

Proud Granny.
Proud Pop.

Crawling around on the grass is tons more fun than opening silly old presents!!
"OK, if I must!"
This is where Faith spent her time...with the balls and dogs.

I think the dog enjoyed the attention.
She also had some fun in Tyler's race car.

Faith distracted Taylor with the ball while she checked out the gifts.
Cake time!!
Yes, this defines my child right here. Climb, jump, run....
Isn't this sweet of Tyler? He gave the girls rides in his car. It was really cute and funny to watch!

Tayolr decided she could drive herself.

Our friends Macky and Renee got married a couple of weeks ago. Here are some pics from the wedding.

Here is Faith with the Spencer girls, Avery and Roselyn. Roselyn was sooo sweet to share her pretzels with Faith.

Maurine and Landry. Great mom and daughter picture! Those are always the best!!!!

Faith got to stay Oh about 5 minutes in the sanctuary during the wedding! She saw her daddy on stage and it was over!
Christina helped to cheer Faith up at the reception! Some good tickle time usually gets her back on track!:)

And dancing can put you in a good mood too! Faith loves music!!!!! She loved being on the dance floor.

No, I'm not doing a cheesy dance move here! I'm attempting to catch a good pic!
It didn't work....
Roselyn and Avery got after it as well. Kids are so much fun to watch. They don't care who sees them or even if a move IS cheesy, they just have a great time! We probably all need to take notes!

We took trip to Arkadelphia to visit my sister and her husband the other day. Faith made herself at home.

And this is why they married each other...
I can't think of anything to say here.

This past week we came in early to Paris for the holiday. Here we are at Magel's.
This is Daisy, uncle Randy's new puppy. We went to see her so Faith could meet her for the first time.
Ok, not a good picture, but these are some pics of us during the Turkey Trot.
Go Baby Go!
A "good job" hug from my baby after the run!

"Man we're glad that's over!" We always ask ourselves before the races "why" exactly do we do this. If anybody out there runs, then you understand it's a love/hate relationship!!!:) We saw a guy there that had a shirt on that said, "I hate running"; Jeff and I both laughed when we read it!
Thanksgiving day!

This little one loves some turkey! She eats it for nearly every meal!

Some cousin time...

Dad is always good for fun tricks!
And funny pictures!
Notice Faith removing Taylor's hand off of the toy. Everytime Taylor would try to play with Faith, Faith would start shaking her head "no no" at her and then take her hands off of whatever they were both interested in. I guess we need to work on the whole sharing thing?
Tyler gave us all instruments of sorts and we started a band out on the deck! We were quite loud and I couldn't help but laugh when Faith ran over to her Daddy and laid her head down on his chair as if to say, "Dad make it stop!".
It's hard to get a good pic sometimes...

We sure tried though!

Faith trying to steal my medal!
This is just a random pic taken when Mrs. Raylene and I went to Canton a few weeks back. She was playing at McDonald's. By the looks of her face, you'd think we had already spent all day at Canton; but we had only just begun!!!!
Hope you enjoy the video!