Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

We went to Paris for Memorial Day weekend because Jeff played in a golf tournament with Scott Moffitt aand Macky Moree. And we obviously wanted to see the family! Saturday night Scott, Christina, and Macy came over to Brad and Georjeana's new house (which is beautiful), and we had soooo much fun watching the babies together! Taylor, Faith, and Macy were all born within days of each other and they all have their own personalities as this video shows!

Jeff and the girls!
I don't think that Macy likes her MaMa holding my child! Check out that face!:)
Isn't Jeff a sweet daddy?

Somebody is worn slap out!
Here's Taylor showing out a little in her bouncer.
Like father like daughter......Jeff already has a ball in her hands! He'll probably have her shooting hoops in a couple of months; I'm surprised he hasn't already started!

I absolutely love these next pictures!

This pic cracks me up! Taylor's checking out Faith's foot, Faith's trying to grab Macy's foot, and Macy's just trying to escape!

I think Taylor and Faith look a little alike here.
All three of these beauties have big ol' blue eyes!

Faith is relaxed; she's probably thinking, "Have these people never seen babies before?"
Look at Macy! She's like, "You're in my personal space!!!! Get off me!"
Sorry. Blurry pic.
Aren't those eyes gorgeous?
Taylor attacked Faith's bow; oh well.

And she's trying to get it again!

And yet again!!!:)

Here's Pop getting in on some play time! Mugsy looks a little jealous.

Faith really likes mirrors, so everybody is looking towards a mirror here; just in case you were wondering...!

Here is my precious girl posing with her Pooh Bear. I know there's a lot of them, but I couldn't resist!

This is her Sunday morning church outfit that Granny bought her! These are for you Mrs. Raylene!

The girls look extremely bored here; maybe in a few months they'll be able to play kick ball with Tyler in this next pic! And I don't know how Georjeana didn't get in any of these pictures, but I'll make sure that doesn't happen next time!

Sorry, I had to add a few more of these!
Granny made a pallet on the floor of her living room for Faith this weekend. She also blew up this mini beach ball, which was a huge success!
"Did someone say my name?"
"Granny, Mom's starting to really bug me with this camera and blog thing. Can YOU make her stop?"
"Look Mom, one hand!"