Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pool Parties & Baby Showers

Tyler had his B-day party on Saturday in Paris at the Country Club; it was Faith's first time in a pool. You can't tell by this picture but I think she liked it! She floated around in her little "boat" like a big girl. She really liked the rings in front of her on the boat.
I love family shots like this one! I could have never in my entire life dreamed up a better family than the one that God has blessed me with!
I'm saying "no no" as Faith really gets close to pulling my earring out.
Just a quick pic of those baby blues...
Faith chit-chatted with Aunt Judy for a little while.
Jeff is making a "boat" sound= check out those puckered lips.
And here's the birthday boy! Happy Birthday again Tyler T!
Do we have to get out already Dad?

We had a baby shower for a friend of mine at work the other day. Here's Stacy reluctantly posing for me. I have never seen such a group of camera shy people in all my life! Nobody would let me snap a shot at them! Oh well, at least I got the pregnant lady!
She got tons of gifts!
That's Kali our unit clerk in the background.
Here's Mrs. Mary babysitting for me. Notice how she tried to get out of the picture!
Donna is keeping her occupied here; Felicia is acting like she doesn't see me and Teresa is pretending to talk on the phone. In case you're wondering how we have parties in a hospital recovery room setting, we all take turns watching the others' patients until everyone gets a chance to at least eat a piece of cake. It just so happened that on this particular day, the schedule was relatively light, so that always helps! Since having Faith, I only work PRN, which is pretty much when they need me or when I need extra hours. I usually work 2 days a week which gives me plenty of time with the baby.