Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Father's Day weekend

Faith saying "Da Da"! Listen closely at the beginning or you'll miss it!

Jeff and I had the parents over to eat grilled hamburgers on Sunday afternoon for Father's Day; here's Faith telling all the men in her life, "Happy Daddy Day"! This is when Faith is the happiest=walking! With assistance of course! But she will wear you out just continually wanting to pull up on your fingers and walk around everywhere. It seems like she never gets tired of being mobile!

Patty-cake with the feet! The moms wanted to bring dessert, and man it was delicious.
Everybody sat around and chit chatted while the burgers were on the grill; that was probably my favorite part of the evening. I love just hanging out with my family; Jeff and I are so blessed with great parents.
Here are the moms relaxing and enjoying watching Faith roll around in the walker.
Pop got a kick out of something that Faith said apparently.
I thought this was a great shot!

Here's Faith in motion: