Thursday, May 15, 2008

Update on the Baby Girl

Ok, no pictures for this blog. Sorry.....but I wanted to fill everyone in on Faith real quick. You remember a little over a month ago, Faith was hospitalized for a urinary tract infection. Well, our pediatrician said she wanted to do a VCUG scan on her to rule out kidney reflux. Kidney reflux is when instead of your bladder emptying normally, it sort of splashes urine back up into the ureters and kidneys. This can cause the kidney to be inflamed and if left untreated, can really do some long term damage. We had the scan done and Faith was catheterized, then watched on Xray while she urinated. Sure enough, she has the reflux. Her urine went all the way up into her right kidney and half way up her ureter on the left. Her right kidney is somewhat swollen. On a grade of 0-4, Faith is a 3; so it's not as bad as it could be! We are making an appointment with a pediatric urologist in Little Rock at Children's Hospital. Worst case scenario will be surgery, where they'll take her ureters and place them at a different angle. Best case scenario, will be to continue what we are doing now, which is taking low dose antibiotics for a while to reduce the chance of another UTI. They say that many times babies will outgrow this, so maybe that will be true for us. If that's what the game plan will be, then we'll probably have another scan in about 6 months, and go from there. We are still waiting for our appointment to be set up; so I guess what I would like to ask, is that whomever reads this, to say a prayer for our girl. We know all will be well, because after all, the Lord's will is entirely perfect! In the meantime, Faith acts perfectly normal; she doesn't appear to be in pain at all! I have to brag just a little before I go. On the day we had the scan done we also had a six month checkup with shots! It was about an 8 hour day for Faith, and she never once whined or cried. Not even when they catheterized her! Ok, sorry, I'm going now; I just had to throw that in!:)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday May 13th was our 2 year anniversary. He must have gotten up very early to prepare this breakfast, because he woke me at 630am to come and eat. Jeff's always been really thoughtful, and I'm sooo blessed to have him as my other half! We had oatmeal, eggs, crescent rolls, and turkey bacon. It was also enjoyed by candle light; I have to say that he also offered to make supper, but I already had dibbs on that meal!

Isn't that sweet?

And a lovely 2 for our years of marriage made of bacon! This is our supper together later on that day. Jeff's attempting to get the last bit of ranch out of the bottle!
Dinner salad, grilled chicken sandwiches, and sweet potato baked fries.
My neice Myla is enjoying her new beads. These were Mrs. Raylene's mothers' beads; so I explained to Myla that they were really special. She loved them!
Just a few fun pics of Faith!