Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A bunch of videos!

I've been meaning to show these videos for a while now, but the process can sometimes take a long time to upload them onto the blog. And so, by the time I finish the pics for the blog I'm just usually not in the mood to tackle the videos. However, it's not so bad if it's just one or the other (meaning pics or videos). Anywhooo, all that to say= ENJOY!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another day in the life of Faith!

Faith is being a little shy about showing off her first mo hawk. She told me that if Dad had hair, he should wear it like this!:) I have no idea what she's doing here...
She loves to stand up in the bath tub; I've explained how dangerous this is to her, but I guess I need to keep stressing the issue.
Standing and walking with assistance is ALL she wants to do these days. I don't think it's going to be much longer before she's officially walking on her own. We counted last night and she can stand for 13 seconds by herself! It kind of makes me sad... I never knew how fast time REALLY FLIES with children in your life.
My in laws found this great little toy that Faith can either push or ride on. This is going to speed up her mobility skills in a hurry. It didn't take her but a few seconds to figure out how to push this thing back and forth across the living room; and of course she got to ride around a lot thanks to Dad and Granny.

Mad driver coming through!!!! Can you see how excited Mrs. Raylene is in the background? I've seem to notice that grandchildren seem to have that effect on grandparents!

It was fun to run over Pop's feet I guess!
This little toy moves pretty fast because it's really light weight, so Faith Baby had to be quick on her feet to catch up (which is not hard for her)! She walks on her tippy toes and likes to move as fast as she can!
Needless to say, she loves this new purchase!
She had the cutest grin plastered on her little face; it was sooooo sweet.
We woke Daddy up Sunday morning dressed and ready for Sunday School; she was in the best mood! Daddy didn't mind getting woke up by his little angel; he rolled over with a big smile on his face!
Like I said= She was in a GREAT mood!
Sorry, I got a little out of order here.... more fun shots of Faith's new ride!

We went to my parent's house on Friday night and stayed over so we could get up early and go to the Hope Watermelon Festival 5k run on Saturday morning. It's only about a 30 min. drive from their house and we needed a babysitter, so Dad and Mom kept Faith for us, which they were really excited about. Jeff's parents met us at the festival and then drove on down to Stamps afterwards to visit a while. Here's the dads visiting about guns. Mr. Ronnie is holding Dad's most recent new purchase.
Faith is doing her favorite past time= walking!!
Jar lids and rings are always a hit at Nana's house.
Dad has a lot of guns, probably enough to start up his own little militia! I was raised up around guns and hunting and you know, all that stuff. Well, Jeff wasn't. I had been asking him to buy a gun for me to keep in the house since I'm there most of the time now with Faith. He didn' t particularly like the idea, but he did some research and we ended up getting one several months ago. We've shot it a few times since then, but we like to stay familiar with it, so we did a little target practice at my parents Saturday afternoon. Here's Dad setting up our paper plate targets!
Here's MY MAN :) looking all MANLY shooting one-handed! Impressive!
I hope this blog doesn't scare my readers off.... That's Dad's new gun; it has a tad bit more bite than our revolver.
I won't embarrass anybody by announcing who hit all of their shots and who didn't...
OK, maybe I will!
But he does LOOK good!
" I know I hit that shot?!"
Here's Faith wearing the medals from the race in Hope, AR. We got 2 free watermelons just for running. And I got that ridiculous looking "vented" running cap!:) I turned it around backwards thinking it wouldn't look so goofy, but I think I might have made it worse! Anyways, Jeff won 3rd in his division and I got 1st in mine. With Jeff turning 30 recently it opened up a whole new level of competition. I know it sounds weird but 30 to 45 y/o runners are SERIOUS! I guess they' ve had more experience and their kids are older, which allows them more time for practice, but whatever the case, it definitely makes it harder to place in the top 3. I'm glad I'm still below that 30 mark, or else I'd probably never bring home a medal! We watched another "kiddie" run while we were there, and Jeff said he was getting Faith to run in it next year!? I'm looking forward to the day that she really can run with us.

Granny brought her home a shirt from the festival. She's our biggest fan!
Zorro gettin' a little lovin' from the baby.
Here is my sweet one pushing around the laundry basket. What is it with kids and laundry? Faith loves to sit down with me and "fold" (yeah right) clothes. More like "unfold" everything I do! I love it though!