Saturday, August 8, 2009

Last post before Little Luke comes...?!

Hi everyone. I decided I might better get these photos on this blog now because I went to the Dr. on Tuesday (11Th) and I am a 1 and 50% effaced. Luke is resting very low and I was told that if I went into labor now that they won't do anything to stop it. He is considered full term in their opinion now. I am 37 weeks. Wow...I'm getting nervous about having 2 children under 2. Any encouragement would be appreciated at this point!!!

A lot has been going on in our lives of late. Our house is coming up nicely; we are at the sheet-rocking phase! We are having to pick things out left and right, from appliances to wall textures, from cabinetry wood preference to light fixtures! If you've built a house before, you understand. It's extremely exciting and fun, but somewhat overwhelming at times, especially trying to get everything picked out before a new baby is in the picture! I love it though! I think I missed my calling in life as far as picking out colors and textures; it's so fun and you can be so creative! Of course, you never know what the end product will REALLY look like until it's too late to change it, but that's part of the excitement!

Faith is no longer an infant or toddler....sigh..... She is changing sooooo much. Most of it for the good, but we are coming into an emotional, whiny, indecisive phase that I'm not sure Jeff and I are particularly enjoying. Everything is a bit dramatic and over the top at times. Jeff has been calling her "Emo", short for emotional. I try to be patient with her, but my goodness it's taxing! It is very nice for her to communicate her needs or wants now though. I love not having to guess at what she's trying to get across!

Again, Luke is great I suppose; I feel slightly guilty for not having a room set up for him, but it is impossible living in this rent house! Hopefully he'll still be living in his bassinet beside our bed when we move into our new home.

Jeff is still very happy at Guaranty Bond; he just recently participated in the Paris Rodeo; the calf dressing event. They had to place a pair of granny panties on a fairly good sized calf. Have fun peering at their photos; I promise it was more entertaining live and in person! If I can figure out how to get some better pics of Jeff and this calf up close and personal with one another, then I will post them soon! Really funny stuff seeing as how my husband is not quite the "country boy"!

Some baby shower pics are on here, house stuff, random pics of Faith, etc. Enjoy!

Thank goodness Jeff didn't have to do this! That will be Faith one day! I think our team got cheated out of 1st place, but this was as the picture says, "the objective".

The aftermath.....yes, I asked him to strip off at the front door....
Some of my favorites....
Devious look...

Jeff took these out at the house after that big storm came through the other day. I hate that I missed it! He said you could see every inch from start to finish of this rainbow!

Here is Tyler's birthday party; Jeff snapped several pics of me eating pizza. I guess he thought he was being "cute". I had no cravings with Faith whatsoever, but pizza has been on my mind the last few weeks during this pregnancy. I've only given in twice, and this was one of my weak moments....
Faith enjoying the goodies bag.
He got me again!

Tyler's theme was Spider man and the cupcake web was awesome!

Faith kept trying to steal Tyler's "coke", as she calls any kind of soda.

Here is Faith playing in the big bin of squishy foam pieces! That's not the correct terminology I'm sure, but that's exactly what it looked like!
A little trampoline fun!
The girls at work in Texarkana threw me a baby shower and you would know that I forgot my camera, but here are all the gifts I received. Everything is washed and ready to go for Luke!
Georjeana hosted a baby shower for me as well! She did a great job and we had a really good time! Thanks again Georjeana!
This was what my child was interested in=CAKE!

Faith got her 1st big sister shirt!
My mom bought Luke a denim outfit; she wanted to buy some boots to go with it, but my dad said that Jeff probably wouldn't go for that! He might now that he got to tackle a calf!
Faith wasn't put out at all that Luke was getting all of the attention...can you tell as she's holding one of the stuffed animals he got!
Aunt Judy got us the most precious quilt of verses! It is covered with bible verses and it was one of my favorite gifts!

My little helper...

Helper #2... Check out this cake. Can u imagine how long that took? It was awesome!

Faith is really into dogs and balls; her dad is thrilled.
The girls did a pretty good job of entertaining themselves during the festivities!

Family group shot minus my oldest sister who was at home with sick children.
Very cute decor!
Hostess and little hostess shot!
The spread...
My family came down several weeks ago to visit my little sister in Dallas and us here in Paris now. They were checking out the progress of the house.
A little bit of pestering going on...cousinly love!

I think they're hot and tired!

Faith loves putting on anything that doesn't belong to her--it's my jacket in this pic. She has a ball with socks, underwear, hats, you name it!
How could you not love this face?
She went digging around again for outfits and did a little mixing and matching!
Hey, she thinks she is styling and that's all that matters!
OK, really styling here!
I have spent the night at my friends Josh and Maegan's house in Ttown a couple of times because of work and baby appointments. They have little Jaxon who is crawling like crazy and into everything they say! He is soooo loveable!
Look at this sly shot...that will get the girls one day!

I just love this age!
Ok, you are going to be completely bored's house time! Yay for us, torture for you!

Faith is the best cleaner-upper there is! She will work so hard and really help out!

This is her helping her Daddy here take the table apart.
She had to tell him what to do a few times!
This is my groom making fun of the pregnant girl in the house; that's ok though because Faith thought it was hysterical!
Such a dork!
Notice he's eating...another jab at pregnancy?

House pics again...

This is the stone we went with. You can't tell much but I think it's going to look fantastic!
This is our brick, which I can't ever really visualize until it's on the house; yes, it's a little scary, but believe it or not, we've yet to argue or stress out over anything. Praying over everything is the only way that's possible!

Tyler is an amazing little helper as well!

We started dirt work in late May, so I'm thrilled with the progress!

My child since this picture is officially paci free! We cut it out cold turkey and had a few rough days and nights, but overall it wasn't near the fight I thought it would be. However, I think I will wean Luke from his before he knows how to ask, beg, and cry for it!
My sweetness headed to the pool!
This is a "Mom put down the camera and take me to the pool now please!"
TaTa and FaFa (their names for one another) playing in Pop's truck on one of our nightly visits to the house!