Saturday, May 2, 2009

Maybe one day I'll catch up!

So, how is everybody? Ha Ha! I know it's been forever and I can't even remember the last time I blogged! I do have a great excuse though! We are currently in Paris now. We moved here about 3 weeks ago! Obviously our house sold A LOT quicker than we had imagined (but then again, God is bigger than our imaginations, huh?)! We literally had a whirlwind of a move. We had a scheduled vacation to Gulf Shores long before we knew about moving, so you know it fell at exactly the same time that we had to move out of our house. I will post pics of the beach on the next blog. Faith hated the sand and the ocean! What? Oh well, better luck next time. She practically despised the sand or ("dirt") in between her toes. But to give her some slack, she was ill for the first two days of the trip running up to 103 degrees of fever. And Jeff and I were stressing about having enough time to finish packing up back home, seeing as how the night we arrived back home would be our last night spent at our house in Texarkana. Yeah, that's what I mean by whirlwind!
We found out we are having a boy, maybe I posted that last time, who knows? His name is officially decided, thank goodness! Luke Ryan Nutt. Tell me what you think? Faith and Luke = both one syllable, easy to say, easy to spell, both are biblical, etc... We like it! This pregnancy has been slightly different. Wouldn't say a bad experience, but not as lovely as Faith's. 3 UTI's, a possible inguinal (groin) hernia, a trip to labor and delivery for a shot of brethine to stop prelabor contractions at 28 weeks...with that said, I am anxious to hold this baby boy in my arms not my belly!:) God has been gracious and we are thankful for his health thus far and expect that great things are in store for him. If you happen to remember, pray for his delivery to be uneventful and close to his due date! I have approximately 2 months to go!
Faith is great! Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds! She is a smart little toot! Maybe I'm partial, but I'm amazed at what she remembers and what she says without being taught. She's getting to be a lot of fun! Independent at times, but fun.:) She makes me laugh and she makes me grit my teeth all at the same time. Discipline of some sort has become a part of every single day! Wow, some days I feel like all I say is, "No Faith." or "Faith, you know better than that." or "Babe, that's not very nice; remember we have to obey?". I feel like drill sergeant for goodness sakes! I try hard to pick my battles, but some things you just have to nip in the bud, you know? Like trying to eat a worm, digging in the trash, snatching things (does anybody Else's kid do that, it drives me bonkers), or spanking herself when asked if she wants a spanking and then looking at me and saying, "No No, Mama!" Oh my, sometimes I'm about to fall out laughing and have to turn my head for a second. At the end of the day though, she's wonderful.
Jeff loves his job. And I do mean loves! That's nice to know because if we moved into this rent house and then he decided he hated it, well, we would have to probably be away from one another for a while!:) No seriously, we can already see different reasons as to why we might have been led here. Adjusting to a new town is still something we're working on. I think it will be easier once our new house is built. I think they are pouring the slab on Monday, June 22ND. I'm putting that in there mostly so I can recall when everything occurred later on (you know for scrapbook reasons). OK, well, there are Easter pics, pics of our old house, and pics of our lot on here. I will post the other half of this later. We just got Internet today so, Yay! Talk to you soon!