Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Granny and Pop came thru town on Monday and met us @ the Dixie Diner. Faith decided to bond with her Pop after lunch. And then Granny got some lovin'!
Bubbles on the belly are always a hit!
My parents came by to get their "faith fix" a few days ago as well!
No, she didn't get this way by herself, but come on, everybody needs a little help & encouragement sometimes! Hey, she can hold her own on all fours for a few minutes though.
"Mom, this is tough!"
"But I'm still being a good sport!"
I'm really proud of her here! Holding your own bottle is huge; especially for Mom & Dad! It is a tad bit sad too though. My girl is growing up fast; check out her little crossed legs!And I have to end with the "first painted toenails" picture! Bless her heart, she's got Jeff's very long toes!