Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Long time...No post! But we're back!!:)

Hi everyone! So sorry it's taken me 2 months to finally post this blog of my family. Goodness, there's been a lot going on as I'm sure there has been in everyone else's worlds! Well, here's a Quick run down of the changes and happenings over the past couple of months. Jeff works for a bank called Century who has recently been bought by Wells Fargo. Despite the stress of learning new things and meeting new people, Jeff is adjusting well and we are thankful. He also was ordained as a deacon for our church at First Baptist Moore's Lane, which we are humbled about and very excited to help out in whatever ways we can. We also co-teach a Singles 30-35 Sunday Class with two other couples now. It's great to be a part of such a great church and to see how much God is working throughout our community! Moving on, we are expecting another child sometime around the first of September! Yeah! This pregnancy is different from the first, but I guess every child is different so I should have expected that. I was never tired one day with Faith, but that's not the case this time. Sleeping is a bit of a problem as well and more nausea than before, but you know, in the big scheme of things it's not even worth complaining about!! I do feel a bit guilty because when I carried Faith, I thought about her all the time, and hours go by now without a single thought of being pregnant!!! I suppose when you have a child and work as well (I usually work at least 2 days a week now), it's hard to daydream about the baby! Ok, about the Faith-ster, she is growing and learning faster than I ever thought possible! She probably knows at least 20 words now and constantly jabbers things that Einstein couldn't decipher through! She brings bundles of joy to us and we try to relish these times, because I know they're flying by! I hope you enjoy this very long post. We've had numerous birthday parties and our Christmas pics are on here too. I will not be this long again, I promise. I'm probably leaving out some important things that have transpired between now and then, but that's what I get for procrastinating! Enjoy! This is Daddy changing a poo-poo diaper (as Faith calls it). Baby girl enjoying a warm day outside.

Look how sweet that face is... That makes my heart stop. We are soooo thankful for this baby girl!

Lunch at granny's.
This is at Brad's 35th bday party. Barbecue is always great for parties!!

It doesn't look like adding another year to his life is having much of an effect on him does it?:)

This is my neice's 4th birthday party, Myla Grace. She has no problem playing the part of a princess. She wanted a tea party with cupcakes and everyone was suppose to wear a hat!

Mal and LaLa. The birthday girl's cupcakes and sweet tea!

This is Mandy and Johnathon=Misty's sister and brother-in-law.
One day of few weeks ago it was really nice outside, so we took advantage of it and got Faith out of the house for a while. She loves playing outside (then again, what little kid doesn't). She didn't want to wear a hat so the bandana came into the picture. She fell for it!!!

Here's a profile of my sweetie. Can you believe how big she's getting?

I love this one.... She's like, "Enough already Mom. I thought we came out to play not pose!"

Faith is helping Jeff study for his Sunday School lesson. She looks interested don't you think...that's a good sign!!!

Labin loves playing chess. Can you tell by the expressions on Jeff and Mikie's faces that they don't share in his enthusiasm? Do not be fooled. This house took some effort!
Mom got this ginger bread house making kit for the kids. Well, it ended up being a group project for my Mom, my sisters, and myself. It was not an easy task to piece this thing together! Much less to make sure the decorations stayed on long enough to take this picture.
My baby sister and her husband decided to take a creative approach to gift giving this year. They had Jeff and I t-shirts made with this squirrel on the front; they told us we have to wear them in our next 5K. The next pic tells the rest of the story...
The back reads, "You just got passed by a Nutt!" How funny is that? Way to go guys! We love them!
My brother-in-law, Mikie, scored major points with my Mom with this picture frame. He went to the site of her old home place and gathered some scrap wood to make her a frame from it. Very thoughtful. Needless to say, she loved it!

Micah and Myla handing out gifts. The jokester of the family; you know, everybody has at least one!

Myla and her princess pj's.
My parents got Faith this wagon (a two seater) for her Christmas present. My mom was throwing hints around about wanting a new baby; she had no idea that I WAS pregnant at that time. Faith is enthralled with this wagon!

This is Jeff's spot at my parents house. He always seems to claim this chair. I don't even have a "meagan" spot at their house and I grew up there; how does that work?:)
Group shot.
Just the grown kids here. Grandkids= Faith is not enthused.

A little better cooperation here, but not perfect.
Something's really got Myla tickled.Mom's tree and all the presents.These are slightly out of order, but you'll get the story of the chair a few pics down. Here's my intelligent angel reading a Christmas story by fire light.

Gotta have a couple of group family shots.

Happy granny shot. My first and probably only coach purse to ever own!! Thanks Granny and Pop!
We got Faith this little recliner for Christmas and she loves it!! You never know what will be a good purchase and what won't be for little ones. Some things they love and always play with and others they could care less about; this chair was a winner!!!!

Notice the arrangement on the coffee table. I was so impressed with that idea! It was very pretty and also festive!
Aunt Judy enjoying the present opening.

Tyler pretended to be Santa Claus for a short time with the girls.

I think Faith likes the car.

I love these kinds of shots with the girls. I hope they enjoy them when they're older.

Faith loves animals especially dogs, but she's extremely skittish around them.
Lots of candid shots next...

These are several pics of us at the White Rock Marathon in Dallas back in December. We did the relay marathon with 3 other people. Jeff ran the last leg with 6.1 miles and I ran the 3rd leg with 5 miles. I was the only female in our group so I felt a tiny bit of pressure to not be the weakest link. Everybody did great and had a blast! We finished 6th out of 120 relay teams, so we were pumped! If you ever want to experience a well put together race and a ton of excitement, I recommend trying this one out. There were live bands at every mile marker and fans on every corner! Here's the face of a kid I don't know:), and Jeff in the background crossing the finish line!

Jeff is in the blue shorts.

The guy in red is handing off to me here. The weather was brutal; but it was still worth it!
I'm in the light blue shirt adjusting my ipod earphones; trying to not be nervous!
These guys were at the front of the full marathon pack; I have no idea how they kept that pace the entire race! They were sprinting past us and this is mile 10!!!
This was the leader at mile 10.
Of course the camera crews were following all of the leaders in this truck.
This is White Rock Lake; I had lake scenery on my entire leg, so I felt privileged!
Standing in the port-o-potty line before the run; you can't run when you have to tee tee!:)
This was the pre race hipe downtown! Yes, we had to get up early as you can tell by the early morning darkness.

This picture makes me really happy! Deciding to run together has been one of the best decisions as a couple we've made together. We started last March and have been running competively in 5k's once a month. It's not only great for your health and the perfect distance to train for without breaking your body down, but it's taught us a lot about one another. I thought I was competitive, but Jeff has me beat by a 5k!!!!:) (Sorry I have a corny sense of humor) Before every race we both get a little on edge because we want all the hard work to show when we run, but crossing the finish line sends a rush of pure joy over me every single time. Mainly because Jeff is standing there cheering for me and screaming at me at pick up my speed because some girl is close behind and is sneaking up on me!:) I can't wait until Faith gets old enough to go with us. Making this a family ordeal is important to me. We took off the month of January, but come March we intend to start back up. Due to a growing baby in my tummy, I can't train but I can still run up to 3 miles for as long as I want as long as I feel good (according to my obgyn). I thank God everyday for a healthy active family and pray that He gives us many more races to run together and more memories to make. My nephew and neice entertaining the fam.

This is my dad's birthday party. I think the kids had a better time than he did!!!
He loves carrot cake, so that's what he got!!!!!

Isn't he a handsome man?
Faith was allowed to take certain ornaments off the tree, however this was not one of them.
Neither is that one.
Oh well, it made a cute picture anyway.

Granny looking forward to grabbing those grandchildren!
Brad looks like a gangsta' here!

I guess that's better than looking drunk; I have no idea.
Pop got lots of great presents; Tyler is helping out of course.
More family pics...

Family shot .
Getting a little exercise before the long ride home.
Do you think Granny looks happy enough?:)
Very cute cake; Mugsy would have been proud had he been there to see it!

And finally these were my feeble attempts at trying to get a decent Christmas card picture. You know, you take what you can get at this age! For the most part she cooperated with me pretty well!