Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We're 9 months old now!

This was a feeble attempt to get 9 month pictures at home. Didn't turn out the way I saw it in my mind, but I'll cherish them anyway!:) I'm making an appointment soon with a professional! Kudos to them if they can keep this child still!
At least Faith's enjoying herself!

She wasn't too thrilled at 1st about being placed in a basket...
but then she realized it was kind of cool!
Ok, realllll cool!

I was feeling real proud of myself while these smiles were coming, but they only lasted, oh, about 30 full seconds!
And then, it ended.:(
No really Mom, I want out.

I bribed her and stole a few more moments of pic time! But none that were blog worthy!:)
Daddy and Faith have play time after Dad comes home from work. Here's a few father/daughter pics!
The itsy, bitsy spider crawled up Faith Sydney's leg...
And bit her on the neck! And man, it was funny!!!!!
Faith plays rough sometimes. Here she is pinching her Dad's cheek; she really does have some strength in those little fingers= look at Jeff's face!
Daddy is sooo much fun!!!!!!
We had visitors on Sunday afternoon. Tyler and Taylor stopped in to say "hi"!
Great picture of brother and sister here!
Taylor and Faith played on our exercise ball for a while; it was a blast to beat on it over and over again!

I told you she plays rough sometimes. Speaking of.... I had no idea that we would have to start disciplining sooooo early!!!! But you can just see those wheels turning when I tell her "no no"; it's like she's saying to herself, "Hmmm, I wonder what Mom will do if I touch this anyway?" It's amazing how smart these little people are!

Mrs. Raylene made Faith a little sundress made out of a pillow case! Very, very cute! I was quite impressed seeing as how I can barely sew a button back on correctly.

Thank you Granny! We'll be looking for more material for you to make another!

She's finally getting use to playing in her play pen without crying as soon as I walk away. Thank goodness!
It helps that the sides of the pen are incredibly tasty!
I'll get down on the floor and jump up at her for a game of peek-a-boo here and there, which is always a hit!