Friday, January 29, 2010

1st half of 2nd Christmas 2009

Baby Girl on Christmas morning surrounded by her toys!!! He's happy it's Christmas...maybe he's telling Jesus" Happy Birthday" in his dreams!!!!:)
Tower building time!!!
2010 Christmas morning!!!!! Faith is 2 years and 2 mths.
Dad on Christmas morning....
Faith on Christmas morning....
Faith in our bed on Christmas morning; her dad is right beside her, but he sleeps with at least 3 pillows and he covers up his face, so you can't see him. No, Faith does not sleep with us, but if she wakes up after 5am, she is allowed to crawl up into our bed. She takes advantage of that just about nearly every night. It's like her inner alarm clock alerts her that it's time to go to Mom and Dad's bedroom!!!!
He is so different than Faith already; he has so many rolls and pudge (for lack of a better word). Sometimes I can't believe he's mine!!!!! He's so dad-gum cute; sorry, I know it's obnoxious to brag on your own child, but really, look at that face?!!!!!
Deer in the headlight look!!!
Snow on Christmas was sooo pretty but soooo cold!!!

Jeff is attempting to turn me off here...didn't work.
Christmas at the Nutt's house 2010!
Brad looks happy to have his globe!!!

More presents...

You can't see it but this pillow has Faith's name on it and it is precious!!!!!
Faith's adorable dress from G&P!
DaDa helping Luke open his gifts.
Faith modeling her shirt...

Jeff suggested I make a ferocious face to go along with my very cute furry vest= so here it is....are you intimidated?...I didn't think so.
Nicer ferocious face....

The girls on their sit & spins!!

Is that smile fake????

Group kid shot!!!

1st taste of baby food; I think he likes it!!!

Lovely couple...
Luke is now almost 4 months, it goes by fast.
Fait's kitchen from Granny and Pop!!