Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

This is a collage of stuff! I managed to download all of my family's Christmas on here, so the Nutt's side will be on the next blog. I know I promised to give you a grand tour of our new home, but with Christmas and all of the toys that are scattered throughout every room, I think I need to wait until you can actually see the floors!! OK, it's not that bad, but I'm really anal about keeping my house clean and it would KILL me to post the first pics of our house when it's in disarray...I know I probably need to relax and I'm actually learning that you HAVE to somewhat with kids! Here's our Christmas in Stamps= First up---Pimp Daddy Mikie in his Hugh Heffner monogrammed robe, courtesy of my baby sister and Labin!!! Sooooo funny!!!! Mainly because he's the farthest human being in the world away from being a "PIMP"! Group kid shot--Faith looks upset...
OK, now she's back to normal!

Fun stuff for Luke!

Mallory is pregnant!!! Around 7-8 weeks now--their 1st!!!! Congrats you guys once again!! My older sister Misty is expecting as well--she's a little over 4 months now!!! Two new babes coming soon!!!
The feast!
Labin took a pic of their positive preg. test and gave it to Dad for his Bday! That's when everyone found out the good news!! Well, Jeff and I already knew--it's always nice to be in the know!!!!
The happy parents to be!! Pooter's been pretty sick as of late--she looks a bit distressed here. I woke up to her wretching in the bathroom while we were staying at Mom and Dad's one morning! Well, it's worth it in the end!!!

The kids had trouble staying away from Dad's birthday cake.
Hurry up and cut the cake already!!
Birthday kiss from Faith!
Sweet photo!
I'm not quite sure why Micah looks as if he has a black eye here; must have been the lighting. Ooops, sorry Micah!!!!!
Easy Faith!!!
Mom and Dad's Christmas tree...
Faith had to be tackled by LaLa to come back in the house.
Christmas has a way of bringing out the "silly" side of people!!
Baby Luke!

Just practicing with my new camera!!! "Silly"....see what I mean...
Prego girl!

Practicing with the cam again!!! Cool huh?
Ahhhh...sweet cheeks!
They really DO love each other!!!


My big girl; crossed legs and everything!

This is a gross kind of HAVE to be a parent to really appreciate this. This could quite possibly be my favorite photo in this post.
Or maybe this one...

OK, I don't have a favorite I guess!!:)