Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finally caught up!

I am so excited to be completely caught up with my blogging! Gosh, what a relief with Baby Luke on the way. The only problem is that when you start to blog, you stop (or I stopped) having my pics developed. So....I have fell terribly behind on photo albums for Faith. However, Shutterfly has been my saving grace and I am currently working hard to organize and place all of Faith's pics and events over the past 15 months or so, into albums. You know, just to have something tangible in the house to look over and for others to look at. Blogging helps me to remember events and special things that were and are going on in our lives and it provides sort of a timeline for us, which is so special to look back on. I hope the kids will enjoy scrolling over all of this one day.
We are adjusting better now. Faith will say, "I'm home!" when we pull into the driveway of the rent house now. Little does she know that she will be calling another location "home" in a few months! Oh well, it makes me feel good to hear her say that because I've been concerned about all of the changes we've made recently and how she has been affected by them. Baby Luke is fine according to my last check up. I was told that due to the prelabor contractions a couple of weeks ago, that I can no longer due cardio workouts. I felt really down when I left the doc's office because I was bummed about that, and I heard the Lord tell me (I love how He can speak so gently to you, but it's a reprimand all at the same time. Know what I mean?), "You're being selfish, Meagan. You got a great report on Luke; you should rejoice in that." Do you ever wonder where we would be without God? I would be so terribly ugly without Him, inside and out! Needless to say, I improved my attitude shortly thereafter and began to say thanks that she didn't put me on bed rest or something like that! I do have yet another Group B Strep infection so please pray that they will go far far away before I deliver. I am currently a little over 7 1/2 months now.
These 1st pics will bore you; for that I apologize. They excite me something fierce though!!!! The frame work has begun!!!! Jeff and I are pumped!!! It's so cool to walk through the frame and see where rooms are at and how big they look and where your closet is and where your babies will sleep. Ahhhh...I can't wait to live there! God has been extraordinary to us!
Front view...
Some of these are through the car window. No, I'm not lazy, just considerate of my daughter. She doesn't do well when I take her during nap time to look at the progression of the house!:) Well, I guess that's a little inconsiderate too! Oops!
Side view...

Back view...
Side...See the garage opening?
Front again...told u it's boring...

Faith is obsessed with glasses...I think it's adorable though.
Side view of just the concrete slab...
OK, on to more exciting things! Our vacation to Gulf Shores with Jeff's family! Our lodging was fantastic. Views were beautiful. Here's Faith's view of the ocean. Note you never see a smile.
She's like, "Mom back up. Please. The water's about to touch your feet. No, I'm serious. Back up." She was not a fan of the ocean.
This moment was rare. Someone snapped a pic before panic hit again.
No smile...
A grimace...
Ah hah...a smile! She loved the pool. It didn't have "dirt" (sand) anywhere that could get between her toes see? OCD at it's finest.:)

I was a little paranoid about her not getting enough to drink being at the beach and in the sun a lot. So, I pushed a sippy cup at her constantly. She didn't seem to mind.

Views of our condo.

She was mortified at the thought of swimmies. So we just held her hand the whole time. It would have been so much easier the other way! But here's an update: I've been taking her to the country club pool here in Paris off and on, and now she doesn't mind keeping them on. So, we're happy about that!
Baby Luke didn't mind getting sand between his toes!

Dramatic, huh?

Here's a family pic outside of Lu Lu's restaurant. She's Jimmy Buffet's sister. I sound like I know them personally.
Jeff is totally relaxed here.
Granny with all the grand kids.

Taylor and Faith were occupied here for a little while. Yes, they have on jackets; the weather was quite chilly at times.

I look like I'm on some type of happy drug here; I don't know...maybe it's pregnancy related, or the fact that I need a nap. Yeah, that's it. Good Dad and daughter pic.
I can't remember what Tyler was showing me here. But I'm sure it was important!
Granny and Pop at some Mexican restaurant we stopped at!

This was when she was still sick...can you tell?
This is a funny picture with a story behind it. We wanted to eat at this restaurant within our condo, but after we got seated and glanced at the prices on the menu, we all got up and walked out. I had already begun to feed Faith! It was a little embarrassing, but at least no one knew us there!
Leaving the pricey restaurant.
Here's my girl at our home in Texarkana playing in the warm, fresh laundry. It makes me miss home a little and I get a lump in my throat, but hopefully soon we will make new memories here.

There's nothing quite like staring into those big green eyes! Yes, her eyes aren't blue anymore. They turned green a few months ago, and they're beautiful.
Here's Luke Ryan at five months! I'm sure he's a lot bigger now at 7 1/2 months, but these are all I have! His head is to the left of the screen and he's looking up. You can also see a hand and foot in the air to the right.
Similar pic here.
I just love looking at these. I can't wait to see and meet him in person for the first time!
Here's a pic of his business! Our baby is for sure a boy! He's gonna kill me one day for posting these!
Do you see his foot to the left of the arrow? I just can't wait!!!!