Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wow! It's been a busy summer!

On our way to Paris this past weekend, we saw this huge field planted in sunflowers; needless to say, we couldn't pass up the chance to take a few pictures of them with Faith. It was sooo neat and very pretty. The only bad thing was that there were bees everywhere, and that made me somewhat nervous with the baby. But I'm really glad we got these....sorry there's so many. You can't really grasp just how many of these sunflowers there are, but they go back all the way to those trees. I hope we get a chance to see them again when they're about as tall as Jeff!

Do you see that petal missing? Faith attempted to eat it, but Mom intervened.

I don't think she was as thrilled as we were about this whole thing.
She's probably like, "Uh-huh, it's a big ol' yellow flower bigger than my head. AND....can we go now?"

Saturday afternoon we went on an "adventure" in the golf cart as Granny calls them. Faith loves anything that allows her to be mobile. The golf cart is no exception. She even got to drive; well, kind of.
It's hard to wave at Pop and concentrate on the road at the same time.

Jeff's parents built a roof over their back porch and Mrs. Raylene decorated it beautifully. It's very relaxing. Dad and baby enjoying a nice laid back ride in the swing. Yeah right!:) Actually, holding Faith is like trying to tame the wind! She's never ever ever ever still. But that's what makes her unique; it's just a little tiring sometimes!
Before we left on Saturday night, we stopped by Clint and Rachel Spencer's house so they could see Faith for the 1st time in person. She loved Roselyn! She reached for her hair several times, but Roselyn was sooo sweet about it. We also got to see Clay and Maurine's little ones. It's so much fun being around friends who are in the same stage of life as you are. There's so much to talk about! Which we all got to do at Tamolly's a little earlier that day.
It was very sweet of Roselyn to allow Faith to try on her Jordans. Here she is tying the strings!:)
Kisses on the head and Jordans on the feet! What else could you ask for?
Looks like a good conversation!
We're gonna have to stress that hair pulling is a big "No No"!

Roselyn pointed out the trunk on the elephant in this story; she's such a smart girl!
We got to see Roselyn's new "big girl" bed! Her room is adorable. Great job Rachel!
Faith's new thing=playing with the strings on the blinds. Her Daddy told me that she could no longer do that, which I do agree with. There's just too big of a risk of her pulling it down and smacking herself in the head. So this will be the only pics of "blind fun"!

I've got a new running partner. I have no idea who she belongs to, but if she sees me running around the neighborhood, she joins me. And she doesn't stop until I do; it's kind of sweet because she almost acts as my protector. She'll hang out with us at the house for a short time when I've finished and then she'll go back to wherever she lives.
Mallory and Labin stopped by for a little visit a couple of weeks ago. Faith has Mal's hair in the pic; hence the "ouch" look on Mallory's face.
She's being much much sweeter here.

More birthday pictures. Mikie, my brother-in-law, and Jeff have close b-days so we all gathered at our house to celebrate them together.
Mikie got a moving and grooving hunting truck= Jeff's idea....
Myla was probably wondering where her presents were at.
They received matching green shirts and matching underwear; this was kind of a joke because one day they showed up to play golf with one another and were dressed just alike on accident. Mikie's brother ribbed them both pretty hard about it, and so my Dad continued the ribbing with these gifts.
Ha Ha.
Mom's b-day cake to the boys!
It doesn't look like turning a year older is bothering this guy!
Or this one for that matter!
All in all, I think everyone was just glad to be healthy and happy; there's nothing quite like spending quality time with family.

I'll leave you with a couple of videos=the blinds and a little walker action! Sorry if they're a little long; I don't know how to shorten them.