Thursday, October 8, 2009

Updated blog of Luke's arrival...

OK now here's a better post than the last one! I still have updated photos that I need to download, but I'll save them for the next post. Life with 2 kids is a lot different!!! It is a definite change and alters the dynamics of your household! Mostly in a good way, but it does take some getting use to! Jeff and I have had several conversations where we're saying, "OK, what can I do to make things easier on you and vise versa!" We HAVE to remember that him and I were here first and if we keep our relationship strong (which is a chore sometimes and could easily get put on the back burner) that things according to God's word will work a lot better!!!! I know now why people say that everything is a blur when they try and think about how things were when their kids were little! Between the diapers, snacks, drinks, bottles, LAUNDRY (which quadrupled!!:)), baths, and cries for attention, I understand that statement a lot better! We have been so blessed to have two extremely healthy children though, and look forward to our future with them in tow!:) Faith is really getting to be pretty funny, and slightly rebellious!:) Luke is growing like a weed. He has stomach problems at times, but I don't think I know of a baby that doesn't from time to time! Jeff's job is wonderful and I am currently on the lookout for something within the nursing field for me here. Please pray for an opportunity to present itself!!! Hope you like the pictures and I hope everyone out there is staying healthy with all of this "flu" yuck going around!!!! Looks like she's already going to need braces!! Poor thing...
Faith is really quite loving with Luke. She has trouble keeping her hands off of him; she just can't stand not to at least touch his head if she's passing by!
She's saying, "Oh weeee...".

A lot of the time she expects him to respond to her affection. You can see her in this photo waiting for some feedback from him, but of course he's not able yet. That is hard to explain to a 2 year old!!!

As you've probably noticed, this is her new smile. Kind of fierce and hard core at times, huh?

This is Luke at about 1 1/2 weeks, and the next pic is of Faith at around 3 months. I didn't start downloading our photos onto the computer until Faith was about 3 months old, so this is the closest I could get of a comparison for you with the blog. I have REAL photos of her at earlier stages, and they really look a lot alike! I still see some similarities here though too, can u??

Faith is practicing her hold of a baby with the cell phone!

My mom came to help me about a week after the baby came which was wonderful!!! Thanks again Mom!

One of my favs....

Check out her stool...she carries this thing everywhere. It has gotten her in some trouble at times but mostly it allows her to help me in the kitchen or with Luke in this photo, etc.
Does his hair look orange here? I get glimpses of reds and oranges sometimes. Hmmm...we'll see? Some of my family has red hair, so I guess it's possible!

Chilling while Luke is sleeping!

The new baby takes a toll on everybody!!!!! Ha Ha!!
Car ride home from St. Mich's!

Pooter - proud aunt for the 4th time!

Faith finally decided that she loved me again on this particular day after Luke was born. really worried me that she was going to have major problems being a big sis, but I was wrong. Thank goodness!

Faith was kind of thrown around from one relative to the next during our stay at the hospital and she was so tired that delirium had set in. She passed out on her daddy in the waiting room one night.

Proud PapPaw...

She's not real sure about it here, but it didn't take long to warm up.

See, told ya.

This is the look she had plastered on her face the whole hospital stay. It was pretty disturbing for me, because I've never really seen her distraught before. She just had no idea what was going on. Bless her little heart, it was a lot to take in...

Proud Granny and Pop...