Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Success with the passy!

As promised, here's the pacifier success story; she's had this down pat for about a week or so now.

Maybe you can tell who Faith looks like! Everybody either says, "Oh, she's Jeff Junior" or "She looks like her MaMa". What do you think?

Faith is sitting up really good these days. She's learned how to catch herself with her arms and how to lean in without falling over. Here she's reading her book (which bit her two days ago= little paper cut down her chin)! Aunt Georjeana got Faith this book and I think it's one of her favorites= "Jesus and Friends". Actually I think it just tastes the best!
If you enlarge this pic you'll be able to see her little tooth.
She can stand up for a short time on her own if she's up against something. She's pretty wobbly on those long legs though. It kind of reminds me of a newborn calf! I know, that's weird, but that's what comes to mind every time she stands!
She's really concentrating on that burp rag. She's saying to herself, "If Dad were here, he would just give it to me, instead of making me work for it!" :)