Monday, July 6, 2009

Busy summer schedule...

I am really sooooo proud to have Internet again! And I'm not a big fan of technology!!! But there's just something rewarding about documenting your family's life that excites me. I know I'm weird. Anyway, Jeff's 31st birthday was on the 6Th so there are pics from his party on here. There are also 4Th pics from the fireworks display at the civic center; my baby's 1st time to see fireworks. I thought she did really well seeing as how she hates thunder storms or "boom boom" as she calls it. I thought the noise might upset her, but she handled it well! And Granny and Pop took her to her 1st parade downtown! A lot of 1st time things going on for Miss Faith this month! Of course, there are the usual house pics, so bear with me as you scroll through them again!
Here's Faith being loving to Tyler at Jeff's bday. And now she's not so loving...
Present opening...

Faith wasn't a whole lot of help. I don't think she quite understood the whole concept of blowing out candles.

The kids stayed occupied counting money in the kitchen while the food was being prepared.

You can't see it very well but Tyler got the 1st bite of bday cake; you might can make out the green icing lining his lips?

Bday boy smile!

Here is Luke standing in his room! I will be 32 weeks this Friday! 8 months already!

Jeff is standing in our bedroom.
Faith enjoyed walking across the balance beam.

Office closet.
Office entrance; which will open with french doors...
Front of house..
Garage entry.
Just a few fun pics of Faith.
Here is the parade downtown that Pop and Granny took Faith to while Mom went to Walmart.

We met up with Scott and Christina at the fireworks display at the civic center. It's been a while since the girls have been together and I was really excited to see Macy. Her and Faith are 3 days apart; how cute is that? Anyway, here is Faith showing Macy a little 4Th of July love.
If you scroll back through my old posts you'll find pics of Macy and Faith and Taylor (our niece who is 5 days younger than Faith), all together when they were around 5 months I think. Time flies...

Later on, the Spencer's came by with Roselyn and Nolan; he was a little shy at making Macy's acquaintance:)

I thought I might have caught Roselyn smiling at the camera but she turned her face as soon as I snapped this picture! Can you see her smiling down there though? Rachel said she's hard to catch smiling on camera; I got close! Maybe next time.
Faith eating, "I keem", as she calls it!
Macy enjoying a taste as well.

This picture of Scott holding his flag tickled me; cute couple shot!
We'll end with the girls! I think they're gonna be good friends someday. If they play ball together one day, the dads are going to be so proud!