Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2nd Christmas (part 2) 2009 (and outside pics of house)

This is the back of our home--Jeff, Mikie, and Dad stayed up all night one evening and built the deck. We can't wait until the weather warms up when we can actually get to enjoy it!!! Back view again...
Front side view...

Jeff and Dad also made all of the shutters--my husband really did impress me with his carpentry skills because I am usually "Mrs. Fix-It" or the "Handy Woman" around the house. We laugh about it all the time!!! But the shutters look awesome!!!
Sooooooo glad we decided to spend the extra money on the driveway, especially with all of the rain AND snow we've been having!!!!

You can bet your booty that as soon as spring comes there WILL be landscaping in the making!!!! It is killing Jeff and I that we have to wait that long!!!!

Faith's new babydoll at Aunt Judy's Christmas....

Helping her get her baby loaded.

With God's help, she'll be a great mom some day!!!

Christmas is tiring, huh?

"Ya'll be quiet! My baby is sleeping!"
Ooooooo....paybacks might make me wish I hadn't posted this.....nah!!!:) Group shots....impossible.
"My house will never look the same after these kids leave."
Profile of Uncle Brad.

I think Pop and Granny are enjoying themselves!!!
She's figuring out that motherhood can be draining!!!:) (in a real good way!)

Getting advice from Aunt Georjeana.

Check out Gail's shoes!
Faith got a Cinderella night light; very cute.

In case the shirt is driving you crazy cuz you can't figure out what is says=="Yo Momma was pro-life." Cool message.

We almost had a decent family shot, but glance down at Faith.......

We have lots of "gift unwrapper helpers" at Christmas and birthdays and any other occasion that involves gift wrapping.
Similar expressions on Dad and Luke....

Sweet, hilarious Gail!!!! She cracks me up!!!
Taylor's outfit was adorable; I wish I'd have gotten a better pic of it!!!

Christmas morning at the Nutt's house; here's Luke's new present. He loved it and still does.

Faith enjoying her gifts.

Faith liked playing with Luke's gifts too; his will be well broken in by the time he actually gets to use them!!!

Luke is 4 mths here.

He really is such a good natured child....
My favorite pic by far!!!! Just chillin!!!!

It looks like Faith just hit Luke in the face with that bee, but I promise he's just making one of those strange baby faces here....

Doesn't he look cute in his Christmas seat!!!!?????

Faith's giving Luke the grand tour of his new seat...

The sit and spin from Granny and Pop was a huge hit! The one I had when I was little didn't play music, I just had to sing a tune in my head while I spun around!

Posing beside the "berry high towerrr!" as Faith would say!!!

Mom and Faith on Christmas morn...