Monday, March 30, 2009

We're moving...and birthday pics!

Faith is becoming soooo much fun! She understands a lot of what we say and is mimicking what we do and it is so cute to watch. For example, just this morning she spilled a tad of water on the table and immediately ran to her high chair, grabbed her bib, and started to wipe up her mess. Then looked at me and said, "There...K!" Translating she meant, "There that's better.....OK Mama?!" I just cracked up laughing because that was extremely an OCD moment for my child! Which will come directly from her father and I unfortunately!!! She speaks nonstop!!! Some things I get and some things I just nod my head and smile; usually she is sufficed by that gesture! The great outdoors is her favorite past time; which suits me fine. Well, it may not suit me fine when it's August and I'm 9 months pregnant, but we'll deal with that when the time comes!
If you haven't already heard it through the grapevine, Jeff has accepted a new position as vice president/loan officer for Guaranty Bond Bank in Paris.'s been an extremely tough decision for us. Granted, it's only 1.5 hours away from our home now, but it will be a big move for our family. We have poured prayer into this and numerous late night conversations discussing everything from leaving our church, both of our jobs, our house, how Faith will adjust, new baby coming and how to still keep my obgyn here, our friends, the effect it will have on our families, whether to build in Paris or to buy, losing Target:(.... You get the picture don't you? We feel very blessed to have lived and met and married and built our 1st house and had Faith here in Texarkana. It's kind of like the perfect size for a town; big enough to go to Walmart or out to eat and maybe not see anyone you know, but small enough to not have horrible traffic at rush hour! Being raised my whole life on a farm in a Very small town in Arkansas, I know that little towns have perks too. And Paris is bigger than my hometown, but it will still be an adjustment. Just a lot of "newness"= new baby, new house, new circle of friends, new jobs ( although I am going to stay prn at St. Mich's here and work periodically if only to keep in touch with my friends, and I hate to lose my status with this hospital, and it's easier to keep up with my education hours and certification renewals when you're associated with a hospital), new church home, new, new, new!!! Can you tell that we are a tad bit overwhelmed? And it's not like we're moving to Paris, France!!!!!
On the more spiritual side of things concerning this move, we have seen God's hand move in very obvious ways that has made our decision much more comforting. He has a way of letting you know it's gonna be OK, even though we can't see the fine details and how exactly everything is going to fall into place. He has already worked in our hearts and is prompting us daily to learn to lean wholly on Him. As humans, change is uncomfortable and scary, but He is reminding us that His way and His purpose for our lives is of utmost importance. Obedience is key to a great relationship with our Heavenly Father. No, we are not turning cartwheels over here about having to move, but He has placed an excitement of some sort into our hearts about it, because we know He is going to use us in ways He might not could have here in Texarkana. Pray for us please to keep thinking positively and to anticipate great things in the months ahead. We have no idea when the move will actually take place, or how quickly our home here will sell, but I am pretty sure it will be a few months before we're loading up and heading to our new home! OK, on to the post!
I'll start the intro to the pics out with apologizing to my mom 1st, because her bday was in February, but my camera was out of commission so I missed getting pictures! So, I'll just say, "Happy Birthday NaNa" to all my blog readers and hope that in a small way, it kind of makes up for it! My camera was up and running again for Mrs. Raylene's party in March though, so here are several pics from it. And yes I will make copies of these for you Mrs. Raylene, I promise!

I love this one of Taylor!

They don't look very into the party here despite their outfits!

Many attempts to capture a good pic; not sure I succeeded....

Great job with the cake Georjeana!

Random pics of my babe!