Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More in the life of Faith...

Wow, there's been a lot going on these past few weeks! This post is long and I really think it might take forever if I tried to comment on every pic! That being said...enjoy the post and all the pictures. Oh, by the way, Faith had tubes placed in her ears last Thursday and did just fine. We were on our 5th ear infection, so we figured it was time to go ahead and get it over with! She also turned 1 y/o today,which is the 27th, even tho the post says the 14th. (Yes, I've been trying to finish this since that date!) We had her a party on Saturday and I feel like she had a great time, despite the snotty nose and watery eyes! She's growing and learning sooo much, sooo fast! I love this age; she's interacting with us now more than ever and it just makes my heart flutter when she comes in for a hug or offers me one of those "open-mouthed" kisses! She's so much fun!! Well, I'm on call tonight at the hospital so I'm gonna hurry and finish this post. We'll start with a couple of videos:

These pics are all from her party on Saturday:
We did a fall theme with pumpkins and scarecrows. A friend let us borrow a small bouncy house for the kids.

Our exercise ball was a huge hit!

The Birthday Girl!!!!
The cousins sharing a moment.

My nephew enjoyed himself I think....

Faith was very unsure of the whole "eating cake thing". She kept looking at me as if to say, " I won't get in trouble Mom? Really?"

She finally got the hang of it!

Opening gifts was hectic, disorganized, over stimulating.... but FUN. She got a lot of great gifts. Thanks everyone!!!

Ok, my child can have pigtails now!!! I did this a few weeks ago, and enjoyed it a lot more than she did! But aren't they adorable?

This precious moments baby goes everywhere around the house with her now. I think it's soooo sweet.

This was Jeff's granddad's clock and Faith likes to watch it and mimic the "tic-tock" sound.
I have to remind her sometimes to be "gentle" with it.
This pic makes me melt...

Look at how big she is????
These next ones are argueably (is that a word? it looks funny!) my fav's of all time:

We went to Stamps for my baby sis's bday party a couple of weeks ago, and Faith learned how to ride the scooter.

LaLa helped Micah build airplanes.

Yes, the birthday girl is in denial of growing old.
No comment...

We played several games including egg toss.

Yes, this is my dad; maybe the whole family is in denial of growing old?

Cool= look at the egg above the chicken houses.
And we played "mummy".

And we ended the games with "chubby bunny".

It was sooooo gross!

And here is the WINNER= my older sister Misty.

Faith has learned how to climb. Yay. She is quite active now that she's walking. Hey, I love it though!