Friday, February 26, 2010

Collage of things...including the "GRAND" tour!!!:)

I finally got our house on here. Sorry it's taken so long!!!! This is Luke's room. You will catch glimpses of Faith every now and then. It reminds me of "Where's Waldo?"!!! See her head?

Little decorative touch for the corner in the kid's hallway.

This is our wall texture for the living room, gallery, and kitchen. The walls in our house are probably my favorite feature. I was so pleased!!!!!Ok some of these are out of order, but it takes so long to put a post together, that I really don't feel like taking the time to fix them, so I'll narrate for you. I know, sheer laziness!!!:) Obviously this is the fireplace in the living room; designed by my husband.

Here are some outside pics of the house and our views from different angles.

We have several Canadian geese that fly to the pond every morning, stay all day, and then right at sundown they fly off again. I wonder where they go to sleep?

This is our potty room in the master bedroom.

Shower in the master.
Vanity in the master.

Over the tub in the master.

Still in the master bath....

Master bedroom pics....

This is the angle taken from the spare bedroom's doorway looking into the laundry room; the door to the left goes into the garage.
Spare room....

Spare bath...

Laundry room.

Hallway to the master.

Shot of the living room from the kitchen.


Office french door entry.

Views of the back deck and yard. "Where's Waldo?" (Faith) Cracks me up....she's like a little leech some days!!!!:)

Taken from the living room looking into the kitchen.From living room looking at office.
Living room.

Small hallway headed to the kids room.

Glass shelving is on both sides of the living room; Jeff's idea again (a great one by the way), we loved the way it turned out!!! Kids bathroom

Faith's room. We went with bright yellow for her walls; I was scared at first when I saw it, but once we got it decorated, it grew on me.

Well, you survived the tour; hope it wasn't too boring!! Onto photos of the fam... Luke does not look enthused by any stretch of the imagination.....

Playtime with Dad.

Playing blocks at our house is a constant; I guess this is some sort of transformer? Anyway, Jeff can get pretty ingenius with his building block projects!