Wednesday, April 16, 2008


It was still a tad bit chilly, but my goodness, it was a gorgeous day on Tuesday. The "Boog" (we've nicknamed her Boogie or "The Boog" for short:)) and I had to spend some time outside! I didn't really get any good shots, but we made some memories anyway.

I lied; this is a good shot!

I had to throw this one in! Can you tell that we're teething?


OK, I know these pics are repetitive but as promised, here's the new bouncer! She's still trying to figure it out, but believe me she loves it! There's this little mirror on one side of it that she can entertain herself with for quite some time. She'll get her face as close as she can to it, and then just start to shake all over with excitement at that little girl looking back at her! It's sooo funny!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Update on the Baby Girl

This post is an update on Faith; sorry no pictures this time. Our camera battery wasn't charged and we really weren't thinking about pictures during this time anyway. Tuesday night, April 8th, I noticed that Faith felt a little warm so I checked her temperature and it was 100.8. I thought that was a little odd being that she had no runny nose, chest congestion, etc. I gave her tylenol and decided to sleep in her room just to keep a closer eye on her throughout the night; mainly because she's never ran fever before and she was pretty fussy. Well, she slept good, and woke up around 5am starving (which is not uncommon for her). I fed her and checked her temp again and it was 101.8 this time. I gave a second dose of tylenol and she fell back to sleep.
Besides being more needy than usual, she still had no symptoms a few hours later; so, I decided to call the pediatrician just to mainly make myself feel better that I was treating her properly. They told me just to watch her and if she was still running fever the next day to bring her in, unless she got worse throughout the day. Well, little did I know, that that's exactly what was about to happen.
I placed Faith in her swing, because that's kind of like her comfort area when nothing else will work, and she just kind of quietly fussed. I had rechecked her temperature and it was 97.8, so I breathed a sigh of relief and went to take a shower. She began to get pretty upset, so I thought, "Maybe she just needs some extra TLC." We rocked together in the recliner for about 15 minutes and she fell sound asleep. I began to notice though, that I could feel the child's heart beating up against my chest. It was pumping extremely fast and was skipping beats. Alarmed, I sat up straighter and felt her becoming warmer and warmer. Then, she started this grunting noise and was sort of holding her breath; in short, her breathing was becoming labored. I jumped up out of the chair and held her in front of me; it was then that I saw her finger tips and toes were turning purple. Throughout this time she was becoming more and more drowsy and lethargic. I am an RN, and stay really calm when this happens in the recovery room; but I can tell you that when it's your flesh and blood it's near impossible! I paused for a nanosecond to figure out how I was going to get my baby to the ER like yesterday, and decided that by the time I called 911, I could have already driven her to the hospital myself. I knew I couldn't place her in the carseat, because I couldn't monitor her breathing. So, I ran outside to get in the tahoe with her in my lap and something (that being the LORD) told me to look outside of the garage to my neighbor's house. Jennifer, who sometimes keeps Faith when I work, was pulling out of her driveway! I took off running and waving with baby in tow and she saw me!! She took one look at Faith and said, "Get in the car!" By this time, I am a complete basket case. The tears are rolling and the prayers are pouring from my mouth. I've been through a lot of hard times and circumstances, and I've learned (the hard way) that God's way is the best way, no matter what. My baby is now unresponsive and breathing very shallow. I had already figured out how I was going to position her in the car to do CPR. I kept telling the Father, "I trust You Jesus. I trust You. But my heart's desire is that You please save my baby girl." I kept asking Jennifer to drive faster and faster; I know that's not safe, but remember I'm not thinking correctly. Her three year old was saying, "" Bless his heart, he knew in his little mind that something was very wrong. I had called Jeff and told him to let the ER know we were coming and they were more than ready. They practically met me at the car and took Faith from my arms; she came around when I stepped foot onto the pavement and started screaming! I was elated, but still shaking in my skin. They immediately started asking questions and working on her. Her temp was 104, pulse was 200, and her oxygen saturation was low. They told me she had had a febrile seizure (it's not uncommon for babies to do that when they spike a fever, but remember hers was 97.8 not 30 minutes before that; it just goes to show that their temps can spike within a very short amount of time!) They gave her ibuprofen and stripped her down to a diaper. They were drawing labs, taking chest xrays,and starting an IV (which took 4 sticks, but baby veins are hard to hit; still it was hard to watch). They also did a spinal tap; that almost sent me over the edge! Finally, they thought she had pneumonia, but the pediatrician disagreed. They catheterized her and found a urinary tract infection, which they said was not that uncommon in baby girls. Several of the pediatric nurses assured me that I was not a terrible mom, because if I am anal about anything, it's clean diapers!!!!! They said it's because their little urethras are so short, and two of the nurses said their baby girls had to be hospitalized as infants. Oh my, I would have never guessed that was the cause. But I was so glad to know what was causing the fevers! Anyway, we ended up staying at St. Mich's for 3 nights. They treated her fevers and started her on IV antibiotics; they also did a renal ultrasound to check her kidneys for inflammation=it was normal! We were released Saturday 12th, after she had gone 24 hours fever free. And we were ever soooo happy about it! She's on antibiotics still and we have a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks. Our pediatrician may or may not do a procedure on her to check for kidney reflux which could have been the cause of the infection; so please keep her in your prayers. We give God all the glory for her recovery and will use this to strengthen our "FAITH". When Faith was born, we gave her a "life verse". Hers is in Isaiah 54:10. It states: "Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet My unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor My covenant of peace be removed," says the Lord, who has compassion on you. Even though our "mountains and hills" are shaken at times, Christ stands steadfast in His love AND devotion to us. And I love the way He reminds us of that in this verse. Anyway, I know this has been like a short (well, maybe long) novel, and I apologize; however, I want you to know that all is well now. And for a coming home present her Pop and Granny bought her a very cool Baby Einstein bouncer, which she adores. There will definitely be pics of that in the future! Hope all is well with whoever reads this; I really have no idea who logs into our world, besides those who "comment" of course!:) OK, bye for now!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm playing catch up!

I caught little Miss Faith rolling around in the living room. She better be glad her momma caught her or she would have a big fat knot on her head right about now! Can you see how worried she looks about that?;) Oh! And the bunny she's holding was an Easter gift from her Aunt Judy!

She looks like her Daddy in this picture to me.
Ok, let me explain this outfit. I found it at a consignment shop here in Texarkana called the Graham Cracker (isn't that the cutest name for a shop?). Anyway, I've been waiting for the weather to warm up so she could wear it. Well, that warm day just happened to fall on a Sunday; yes, we wore it to church! Sunday night church...hey, I couldn't help it. It's soooo precious!
I think she knows she's cute. She's already a camera hog! By the way, I was raised on a farm in a little town in Arkansas called Stamps. And I was quite the tomboy growing up; always a daddy's girl. I promised myself that I would NEVER place any "Aunt Jemima" bows on my child's head. So much for never saying never!
Look at that nose flaring! It looks as if the outfit could have given her a little bit of an attitude!:) No, not my darling baby Faith!:::)))

Easter at the Nutts

Easter at Jeff's parents house is always a lot of fun. Celebrating life with those you love is priceless, thanks to the sacrifice and resurrection of our precious Savior! Hope you all enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it!